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by Monotheist

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Grevlar thumbnail
Grevlar Nice to hear a band that adds many different elements of deathmetal into their music.
GWW thumbnail
GWW Top 10 2018 Tech Death, perfectly combines Gorod goodness and Immolation iniquity! A KILLER record!
wayne-the-devil thumbnail
wayne-the-devil And as I walk thru the valley of death, I do so with the praises of Scourge upon my breath, and it may or may not save me from eternal flame, So I endorse this album, despite my goofy name....It Is Brilliant!!! Favorite track: Abominable Acts.
getthepointman thumbnail
getthepointman Amazing work on these songs so far! Favorite track: Mark of the Beast II: Scion of Darkness.
Loganopterix thumbnail
Loganopterix holy shit, a) that single that just dropped is sick. b) guest spots by Christian Alvestam and Bobby Koelble?
insta-fucking-buy. Favorite track: Infinite Wisdom.
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The pit is vast as it is empty And the emptiness is its draw Paved on the footsteps of great minds The columns of the kingdom stand tall The mortar composed of buried hope and dead faith Petrified philosophers stand guard at the gates Adrenaline coalesces with lucidity The void is not a cage The void is a throne The crown is covered in the blood of my former self And his demise makes me feel nothing I am asked to cry out for freedom I am silent I am told to report terror I am silent I am tasked to speak of dread I am silent If the world begs for a testimony The world will be left wanting Sinister warnings fall hard under a relentless gravity The horrors of this place have grown benign and I am thriving in the muck Ashes coat rusted skeletons of monuments made to dead ideas My lungs are coated in soot and I learn to breath fire Not to exhale any sort of weapon, but inhaling inexorable truth Kings wilt atop weathered podiums Commanding a society of cockroaches that will not bow Heavy crowns wear down weak necks The sun no longer reflects on the gold Majesty in all forms is dead And will not ever be reborn My sky is black forever For my ceiling does not stop at the clouds This universe is vast Full of great useless monoliths Suspended in dark matter No stories to tell but the great withering of time This universe is a graveyard Coffins orbit coffins Each corpse so convinced the graveyard was made in tribute to them This makes me feel nothing
Fall into lucidity And drink in the fear of disillusion There is no solemn way to behold this There is no way to escape the shock The filter is decaying now and I see That though He called us diamonds These diamonds are covered in filth The stench of our parade Is no longer the stench of victory The bodies I hung as trophies Were my brothers There is no glory in the death of men Perceiving God I broke the souls of the fallen Their final words never escaped my mind At the peak of the monolith I saw God fall and shatter into dust But the dust did not dissipate in the wind Nor was it washed away in the rain His ashes would stain the valleys of my mind The god I thought I knew only stood as an icon The true deity would be found in the deepest trenches of fear In the truest peaks of discovery His image would be seen as true perfection His image was beautiful His image in the man with his foot to the throat of Mother Earth The spiteful wretch reduced to a prototype This planet made obsolete Humanity unchained from the sinking corpse Men standing as gods Our legacy will not outlive our designs And we will outlive time
Worship the gods of technology Advancing the human race Augmenting creation Blind allegiance to our new masters Cast away superstitions and doubts Place our hope and faith in the bosom of man This mortal creature destined to vanish This limited mind, a nest of hubris and misconception Let us feign control of our world and destiny For in our feebleness we have attained omnipotence Man, All-Knowing, will lead us to truth Man, who could not save himself, will save us In his quest to defeat nature, He strives for the seats of the Heavenly Host To be like a god unto himself To be God The illusion of transcending our mortal shackles By means contrary to nature Giving way to the corruption of a natural mind That which knows no bounds Bearing certain death and destruction This is the mark of the beast A symbol of subjugation and obedience To the image of your true master A fingerprint of decadence, ubiquitous The scion of darkness, whose visage cannot be seen By the eyes of those blinded by pride
Light Illuminates the sky Vulgar rays spread like snakes slithering Upon the fleeting clouds The time has come To tame the elements And place the reigns upon nature Hands reaching toward the heavens To bring them down A cabal of intellect gathers Arrogant hearts and ambition fomenting A plague of astonishment blooms A bitter flower shedding putrid petals Cutting the air in their salacious sway They sing a whispered song, virulent Heralding the demise of all things The mental gifts bestowed upon My children Lead to unceasing greed and destruction Their machines facing the welkin Babel’s tower reconstructed A bitter flower shedding putrid petals Cutting the air in their salacious sway They sing a whispered song, virulent Heralding the demise of all things Behold the stalwart figure of metal and wire entwined An infernal image of mangled sinew and ligaments An unsightly creature indeed
Shackled by greed Herded like cattle, subhuman filth Regarded as a means to feed corruption Branded by the Mark of Cain A sign from God to reveal the fallen A creation inferior Lashed and flayed Whipped and slain Hearts of stone swallow living flesh The Word to justify Abominable acts Their purported light makes clear The depths of darkness Centuries of abhorrence Mitigated but slightly The physical scourge Gives way to mental torment The icon of bondage resurfaces With a different face All of humanity now enslaved By the ones who sit on mountains of gold Peering below on the valley of peasants The helpless, the powerless Hearts corrupted and blinded by the illusion That this life is measured by wealth and the material In their eyes, we all bear the mark Signifying our status As fodder to be trampled upon Goaded, prodded, processed Fed into a cycle of servitude Trapped beneath an impossible burden A vain effort to satiate the gluttonous abyss Of the ones who lust for power The ultimate charade The charlatans propagate Faith in freedom Amounting to unending deceit A million miles from truth The road forms a divide A schism among us Brother against brother While they laugh down at us all
Scourge 08:51
We are the transgressors We are the ones marked for death Since the dawn of man, Steeped in sin we toiled through Lifetimes of sorrow and ages of suffering Led into darkness by the Serpent’s tongue By our own choices we lost Paradise By our own volition we have trespassed Your law Peerless destroyers of all we were entrusted with Sentencing our hope to die with scornful arrogance Time and time again We are the killers We deserve nothing but the flame Our destiny to be cast away Into everlasting darkness Consumed and forgotten For we were endowed with perfection The immaculate forgone To assume the decadent form of pride We deserve nothing but the agony of abandonment Nothing but the pain of the fire The gnashing of teeth And the weeping of the unworthy There is nothing we can do There is nothing we can do There is nothing we can do By our own power Striving in vain to attain the divine Only to fall short endlessly Returning to the pit of despondency The scourge born by our own hands Yet, despite our shortcomings You provide to us unfathomable grace Perfect mercy to sustain the tainted race And carry them to their lost country Back to the paradise promised as an inheritance Faith trumps our futile efforts to gain righteousness Accept the life given to save us all Thereby averting the path to damnation: Separation from eternal life, The justice we truly deserve


released March 16, 2018

Monotheist is:

Shiv – Vocals
Prophet – Guitar, Saxophone
T. McDaniel – Guitar, Vocals
J. Figueroa – Bass Guitar, Congas, Vocals
C. Bates – Drums, Vocals

Special Guests:

Christian Alvestam – Additional Vocals on Track 1
Bobby Koelble – Guitar solo on Track 6
Danny Jacob – Flute on Track 7 ; guitar solo, flute, and additional vocals on Track 8
Nich Shacklette – Guitar solo on Track 5
Dan London – Additional Vocals on Track 2
Brent Addison – Guitar Solo on Track 6
Nashon Thomas - Additional drums on Track 6

Cover Art by Sam Nelson


all rights reserved



Monotheist Orlando, Florida

Forming in 2004, Monotheist is a progressive extreme metal band from Orlando, Florida who play a mix of brutal technical death metal reminiscent of bands like Suffocation, Death and Immolation, with progressive influences ala Cynic, Extol and Opeth. However, Monotheist manages to create a sound all their own. With their unique riffing and composition, Monotheist is a force to be reckoned with. ... more

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